Entlebuch Energy Playground




Experience sustainable energy through play at the energy playground.

Discovering sustainable energies with fun and games

The more children there are, the more exciting it gets at the Entlebuch Energy Playground, because many of the playground equipment is linked together. The bigger kids frantically shovel wood chips onto a conveyor belt and use cranks to move the chips upwards, where they fall into a metal hopper. This drives a paddle wheel, which in turn sets a pump in motion. Patience is rewarded, because now the water gushes towards the moat, setting the water wheel in motion.

But the moat also continues to be filled from another side: At the "surge tank", a jet of water can be generated by cranking, the aim is to hit the metal container a few metres away, which directs the water into a wooden channel, the so-called "wooden channel". In this wooden channel, the water can be diverted via various paths, dammed up or drained off in portions for digging. Great fun, not only for junior engineers. More water can also be produced for the moat at the wind turbines, the "Windstoss". Of course, the more of it that circulates, the more fun life becomes at the energy playground. Along the way, the children also learn about sustainable energies and produce them themselves. Even the little ones get their money's worth splashing around with the water or on the swing.



Easily accessible from all sides

This first energy playground in the canton of Lucerne was built and opened in 2015 under the management of Pro Juventute Lucerne, integrated into the overall Entlebuch Energy Experience concept. Specialists developed the play equipment and the energy flow especially for this playground. The 2,500 square metre site is located directly behind the football pitch at the Farbschachen sports facility between the villages of Hasle and Entlebuch on the Grosse Entlen. It can be easily reached on foot from Entlebuch railway station. Thanks to the nearby car park, the playground is also suitable for families with lots of luggage. 250 metres away, on the other side of the river, there is a lovely fireplace.

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