Enjoy the great view from the hotel terrace or stroll through Gütsch Wood, one of Lucerne’s green lungs.

Gütsch is an Alemannic term meaning hill. You can see Lucerne’s Gütsch from the bridges across the River Reuss. Eye-catching Château Gütsch looks down over the city. Built in 1888 as a hotel, this Belle Époque chateau was inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. Château Gütsch now harbours a restaurant and a hotel.

Gütsch Wood

This well-maintained beech wood is criss-crossed with tracks and paths. A few minutes’ walk from the Gütsch Railway terminus or Gütschwald bus stop, the Gütsch-Hütte is a wonderful barbecue and picnic spot that’s popular with families. Children have plenty of space to romp around or even dam up a stream. A pond lies hidden in the middle of the wood: have a sit down on one of the nearby benches and observe the fauna and flora in and around the water. If you continue walking westwards you come to the Restaurant Schwyzerhüsli standing on a rise above Gütsch Wood. Here you can enjoy traditional Swiss cuisine while admiring unique views of Lucerne and the Alps.

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Gütsch Wood can be reached on foot via a long flight of steps (Gütschtreppe) or Hochbühlstrasse, or by taking bus number 10 to Gütschwald. Alternatively, the Gütsch Funicular takes one-and-a-half minutes to reach Château Gütsch. The inclined track is 170 metres in length and rises 90 metres in height. The two modern cabins run independently of each other on parallel tracks. Each can accommodate up to eight passengers. The Gütsch Funicular is in Zone 10 of Lucerne’s public transport network. Guests staying in a Lucerne hotel receive a guest card entitling them to free travel within Lucerne City.



You can arrive by car or take the Gütsch railway from Lucerne, Gütsch.

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