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Witness the world’s best rowers competing at this three-day annual event on Lake Rot.
At the Lucerne Regatta it’s all about overall World Cup victory. You can watch the rowers preparing at the rowing centre, then cheer them on at the starting line by the Rotsee lido or from the grandstands near the finish tower. Enjoy the competitions from a variety of viewpoints and stroll around the lake – it only takes an hour.

History of the regatta

The first international rowing regatta took place on Lake Lucerne in 1899. The starting line used to be at the Seeburg and the finish in front of the Hotel Palace. The event relocated to Lake Rot in 1935.

Lake Rot

Lake Rot is an exceptional natural arena, as well as a unique recreational amenity for the Lucerne region. It’s also a rowing Mecca: with its long, narrow shape (2.5 kilometres long and some 250 metres wide), gentle current and sheltered situation, it’s a perfect venue for the sport. A visible landmark of rowing regattas, the finish tower is where the jury and timekeepers are located during the competitions. The regattas start by the lake’s lido at one end of the lake.


June 27 to 29, 2025 Lucerne Regatta (World Rowing Cup II)



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Lucerne Regatta
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