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At Max Chocoatier, every single piece of indulgence is handmade. Find out where the ingredients come from and learn about the history of the Chocolatier family.
The assortment is versatile and incomparable. It ranges from chocolate-coated nuts, to ChocoFruits and chocolate spread, to drinking chocolate and chocolates, to name just a few specialties. Is your mouth already watering?


Experience a feast for the senses with your family, company or club. In the boutique in Lucerne, the experts will tell you where the cocoa comes from, its characteristics and qualities, and how the chocolate is made. You will be allowed to test seasonal products and ask questions. The tasting lasts 45 minutes.

Make your own chocolate

In Lucerne, you can demonstrate your talent as a chocolatier in a 90-minute workshop. You'll fiddle with ingredients and create your own chocolate bar. The experts will support you with the necessary knowledge and give you tips and tricks about cocoa and chocolate.

Who is Max?

There is a wonderful family story behind the hand-crafted chocolate creations. Max loves chocolate. After eating it, he often has traces of chocolate in the corners of his mouth and his face radiates great joy. His father Patrik König, also a chocolate lover, realized a family dream in 2009. He founded his own chocolate atelier. Here, Max now has a say in the assortment, which is why the "Guggelhöpfli" and the "Raspberry Branchlis" are always part of the assortment, although the idea was actually to change the assortment every season.



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Making your own chocolate and tasting - both are possible at Max Chocolatier in Lucerne.