Stans carnival



Places of interest
The carnival in the canton of Nidwalden is characterised by colourful parades, loud "Guggenmusig" sounds and exuberant celebrations;

Historical facts

Carnival was originally celebrated to drive away the evil demons of winter with loud music and disguises.

From the big bang to fasting

The carnival week is heralded early in the morning on "Dirty Thursday" with the "big bang". At the "Urknall", the Guggenmusik bands gather on the village square and all start playing at the same time. In the days that follow, carnivals take place all over the neighbourhood. And because "Ash Wednesday", the end of carnival, also marks the beginning of Lent, there is plenty of feasting. Golden-brown deep-fried "Chneublätze", Ziegerkrapfen and Schenkeli are among the popular Fasnacht treats.


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Stans carnival
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