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Are you a running enthusiast? If so, set aside the last Sunday in October for Switzerland’s finest marathon/half-marathon.

The scenic route follows the Lake Lucerne shoreline around the Horw peninsula, through the football stadium and past the KKL Luzern, and through Lucerne’s delightful Old Town to the Swiss Museum of Transport. Those who choose to do the full marathon run this loop twice.

The 10 km event is recommended for those new to running and for the little ones between 4-6 years we recommend the Maratholino in Lucerne or Horw.

Thousands of spectators cheer the runners on their way to the sound of more than 30 musical ensembles.


27 October 2024


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SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne
Würzenbachstrasse 13
6006 Luzern


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SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne
Würzenbachstrasse 13
6002 Luzern