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Theatre is deeply rooted in the history of Central Switzerland. Nidwalden is one of the most theatre-rich cantons in Switzerland - a stronghold of amateur theatre.
The Stans Theatre Society is a traditional Nidwalden cultural association whose main purpose is to promote amateur theatre. The association is in the privileged position of owning its own theatre building. Located in the heart of the Nidwalden capital of Stans, the 300-seat Theater an der Mürg offers the ideal infrastructure both for its own productions and for events organised by other associations and institutions, such as Stanser Musiktage or Märli-Biini Stans.

The Stans Theatre Society puts on its own theatre production with twenty performances every year. The number of spectators is between 5,000 and 6,000. Amateur actors and actresses from all walks of life and generations appear on stage and come from Stans and the region. In this respect, each production is also an ideal and popular platform for social interaction.


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