Ice cream parlours in Lucerne

«We scream for icecream»

  • Gelateria dell'Alpli
  • Gelateria Amorino
  • Max Chocolatier
  • Kalte Lust - Le Piaf
  • Bachmann am Quai


What can be more refreshing than a cool gelato on a hot summer's day? 🍦

Discover Lucerne's sweet and melting side. Whether you prefer a classic chocolate and vanilla or an extravagant mascarpone with figs, these five ice cream parlours will put you in seventh (ice cream) heaven. Sinning is allowed!

Gelateria dell’Alpi

Ever tried Caramel Fleur de Sel or Black Sesame? The Gelateria dell'Alpi serves up exotic ice cream flavours. The milk is sourced from a local farmer and member of the 'IP Suisse' association in the Lucerne hinterland. Everything is regional, and no artificial ingredients are used. There are flavours for vegans, too, including hazelnut with rice milk and chocolate with soy milk. The sweet temptations of the Gelateria dell'Alpi can be found at the Lion Monument.

Gelateria am Quai

Bachmann's ice cream parlour on the lakeside promenade promises real Italianità on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Stop off at Kurplatz during your walk along the lake and choose from up to 18 different flavours kept in the refrigerated tubs. Enjoy your gelato under the horse chestnut trees and admire the views of the bay and the Pilatus.


This summer you can enjoy ice cream creations served by Kalte Lust ("Cold Pleasure") at their cart in front of the Le Piaf at the KKL. This young producer from Olten makes high-quality ice cream in a variety of flavours. The assortment includes up to 100 different flavours, a selection of which is available from their mobile cart. Bella Italia by Lake Lucerne.

Gelateria Amorino

The ice cream at Amorino on the lakeside promenade comes in the form of roses in your cornet. Customers are invited to design their ice cream flowers with as many flavours as they like. The flavours are made in Paris from natural ingredients and are known all over the world. A macaroon on top of the ice cream flower provides the final flourish. The Amorino roses are a treat for both eye and palate.

Max Chocolatier ice cream stand

Max Chocolatier ice creams are as exquisite as their pralines. Eight of the flavours produced by the three chocolatiers are a permanent mainstay of the assortment, while limited-edition flavours are available on a weekly basis. All their ice cream creations are handcrafted using premium quality ingredients. In fine weather, the ice cream stand occupies a spot in front of the Max Chocolatier boutique on Schweizerhofquai between 1 and 6 p.m.

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