Lake Bannalp



Mountain lake
The idyllic Bannalpsee is located in a side valley of the Engelbergertal - an insider's tip for summit climbers and families. The mountain lake is easily accessible by cable car from Oberrickenbach.

Located at 1,586 metres above sea level, Lake Bannalp is a true nature and recreation paradise. Amidst magnificent and rare alpine flora, well-maintained mountain hiking trails lead to numerous destinations. For example, you can climb the Chaiserstuehl or set out on the famous Walenpfad trail to the Engelberger Brunnihütte.

The secret of the sparkling stone

For families with children, the search for the secret of the sparkling stone on the Zwärgliweg Bannalp is a real highlight. Seven stations lead to the destination and there is something to discover at each station. The trail leads past the Bannalpsee lake and beautiful fireplaces. The pure walking time is one hour.


Getting there
Lake Bannalp
6387 Oberrickenbach