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The Theatre Uri, also called Tellspielhaus, is one of the important cultural meeting places in the canton of Uri.

Historical building

Built around 1865, today's Tell theatre served as Altdorf's community centre until 1924. In 1925, it was then extended to its current size for performances of Friedrich Schiller's "William Tell". These took place every two to four years and were always very successful. During the long breaks between performances, the Tellspiel- und Theatergesellschaft Altdorf turned the theatre into a venue for guest performances, a performance venue for local clubs and a meeting place for business and military societies. In 1999, the Tellspielhaus became the property of the municipality of Altdorf and was renamed "forum theatre(uri)".

Something for everyone

Take a look at the programme of Theater Uri. This is very diverse and offers great events for everyone. You will find everything here - various guest appearances by interesting artists, the Tonart Festival, a "Kaffeestubetä" at the Altdorf Chilbi, Schnitzelbänke during the carnival or the Tell plays every four years. However, a visit is not only worthwhile because of the fantastic programme: you can also marvel at the beautiful halls with their meticulous decorations and stucco work.

A visit to the Tell plays

You can still follow the story of Tell at the Tell plays today. The theatre is performed jointly by professional and amateur actors. The performances take place every four years at the Uri Theatre. Take a look at the programme and join us next time.



The Theatre Uri can be reached by car or by public transport. There is paid parking at the Lehnplatz.

If you arrive by bus, get off at the bus stop "Telldenkmal" and walk about 150m to the theatre.

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Theater Uri
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Theater Uri
Schützengasse 11
6460 Altdorf