Where is Walterli?



Adventure Trail
The tricky scavenger hunt through Altdorf.

Walterli, Wilhelm Tell's son, has run away. He was supposed to get the birthday cake for his mother Hedwig and help with the preparations for the party. Can the party still be saved? Your task is now to pick up Walterli's scent and track him down in time. Fun and excitement guaranteed!  

Wilhelm Tell can't believe it: The rascal Walterli is out and about with his dog Fridolin in Altdorf acting out the Tell story . He is probably trying to shoot an apple off the poor four-legged friend's head. William Tell needs your help. Are you clever enough to follow Walterli's trail and solve his riddles? Then go on an exciting scavenger hunt through the alleys of Altdorf. 


Foreign Language


Price info

CHF 24.00 for a group of 5 people


Getting there
Uri Tourismus AG
Schützengasse 11
6460 Altdorf UR