The steep trail: Seebodenalp - Rigi Staffel (or vice versa)




3.42 km long
difficulty: difficult
condition: difficult
  • 01:40 h
  • 590 m
  • 1,016 m
  • 1,606 m
  • 590 m
  • 3.42 km
  • start: Seebodenalp
  • destination: Rigi Staffel

Seebodenalp - Grodboden - Holderen - Düssen - Rigi Staffel

Many hiking options lead from Seebodenalp to the Rigi.

The starting point of this challenging hike on the north slope of the Rigi is the hiking paradise of Seebodenalp. It is situated on a large, protruding terrace at 1020 m.a.s.l. above Küssnacht am Rigi. Lake Lucerne glistens at your feet and Rigi Kulm towers high above. The fastest and most comfortable way to reach the forest-lined alp is by cable car from Küssnacht to Seebodenalp. Rustic mountain restaurants invite you to enjoy and stay a while.



The current operating status of the railways and hiking trails can be found here. So that future generations can also enjoy the Queen of the Mountains, we ask you to dispose of your waste at the stations or take it home with you. Thank you.


Best season

depending on the weather


Seebodenalp (1020 m) - Grodboden (1030 m) - Holderen (1116 m) - Düssen (1300 m) - Rigi Staffel (1604 m)

Tour information

  • Barrier-Free


Sturdy shoes and clothing suitable for the weather. Possibly walking sticks. Food and drinks for the road.


Take the A4 motorway to the Küssnacht am Rigi exit and follow the signs for Weggis - Vitznau.

Approach and parking

Metered parking is available at the valley station of the Küssnacht-Seebodenalp cable car.

However, we recommend public transport instead of a car: sit back, enjoy and do something good for the environment to boot.

Take public transport to the valley station of the Küssnacht-Seebodenalp cable car. The cable car is in continuous operation when the number of guests is high. To the timetable


Gäste-Service Rigi


Schwyzer Wanderwege


As a reward, I treat myself to a cool Rigi beer at the Lok 7 restaurant on Rigi Staffel. Brewed at the Hotel Seebodenalp.


Getting there
The steep trail: Seebodenalp - Rigi Staffel (or vice versa)
6403 Küssnacht am Rigi