Three-Pass Round Tour Pragel-Sattelegg-Ibergeregg




121.94 km long
round trip
difficulty: difficult
condition: very difficult
Great panorama
racing bike
  • 07:47 h
  • 2,507 m
  • 2,507 m
  • 409 m
  • 1,550 m
  • 1,141 m
  • 121.94 km
  • start: Schwyz
  • destination: Schwyz
From the Schwyz valley basin to Canton Glarus and back via Upper Lake Zurich. A delightful yet challenging tour involving two steep pass crossings and one gentle one.

A fabulous tour that takes all day and leaves you in no doubt about what you have accomplished! Natural phenomena such as Europe’s largest primeval spruce forest (Bödmeren), one of the world’s largest cave systems (Hölloch), the wild karst zone at the Pragel Pass, and the lakes are total delights and more than make up for all the effort.


Best season

depending on the weather


The tour starts at the historic little town of Schwyz. The first 20 kilometres or so on a busy main road in the Muota valley are flat and perfect for warming up. You pass the world’s steepest funicular railway to Stoos, as well as the famous village of the weather prophets where, on entering the Hölloch (Europe’s third-largest cave system), a narrow pass road commences its ascent to the Pragel Pass – at 18%, the steepest section of the tour. From the natural idyll of Pragel, where you can taste alp cheese in the dairy or, higher, in the alp restaurant, you descend past pretty Lake Klöntal to Glarus. Now another flat stretch along the entire Linth valley brings you to Siebnen, where the Wägitaler Road leads towards Sattelegg, then down to Willerzell on glorious Lake Sihl. A cooling dip in the lake would surely be welcome! Following the left-hand side of the lake, the route visits Unteriberg and Oberiberg before dipping down to the Hoch-Ybrig area. A continual yet gentle ascent (14%) through attractive scenery brings you to the Ibergeregg Pass. Having arrived at the restaurant at the very top, almost at the foot of the two Mythens, you are ready for the thrilling descent and occasional fabulous views of the Schwyz valley basin, Brunnen, Lake Lucerne and Lake Lauerz.

Tour information

  • Cultural Interesting

  • Loop Road

  • Stop at an Inn


Auf der Nord-/Süd-Achse A4 nimmt man die Ausfahrt Schwyz oder Brunnen und ist dann innert weniger Kilometer mitten im Dorf Schwyz.
Bei den Bahnhöfen Schwyz und Brunnen gibt es günstige P+R-Parkplätze. An Sonntagen darf man auch den grossen Mythencenter-Parkplatz benutzen. Parkhäuser in Schwyz sind Hofmatt oder Mythenforum.
Take the train to Schwyz, then the bus to “Schwyz Post”.

Additional information


Schwyz Tourismus


Schwyz Tourismus


  • Lake Klöntal

  • Lake Sihl

  • Museum of Swiss Charters, Schwyz

  • Schwyz Town Hall

  • Ital Reding Estate with the Bethlehem House

Safety guidelines

Busy main road Schlattli - Muotathal.

Heavy weekend traffic on the Ibergeregg pass road and Richisau - Klöntal - Glarus stretch. The Pragel Pass crossing is closed to motor vehicles on weekends.

The Pragel Pass is closed in winter from around mid-October to May.


Getting there
Three-Pass Round Tour Pragel-Sattelegg-Ibergeregg
6430 Schwyz