Toboggan Run Rigi Kulm-Staffel-Klösterli




3.15 km long
difficulty: difficult
condition: very easy
  • 00:30 h
  • 8 m
  • 437 m
  • 1,311 m
  • 1,748 m
  • 437 m
  • 3.15 km
  • start: Rigi Kulm
  • destination: Rigi Klösterli

The most popular sledge run on the Rigi. It runs from Rigi Kulm via Rigi Staffel to Rigi Klösterli.

Central Switzerland: Toboggan run with spectacular view.

The 3.1 kilometre long trail leads from Rigi Kulm along the tracks of the Rigi Railways to Rigi Staffel. From Rigi Staffel on, the path becomes steep and the speed increases quickly. The trail then heads downhill to Rigi Klösterli, where you will be chauffeured by the Rigi shuttle train back to the start point. Sledging does not require any special technicalskills and can be practiced by anyone.

For your information

You can find the current operating status of the railways and hiking trails here.

In order to let our next generation could also enjoy the beauty of the Rigi, we would like to ask you to dispose of your own waste in the waste bins which are located at all the stations of MOUNT RIGI RAILWAYS. Thank you.


Best season

depending on the weather


Rigi Kulm (1797 m) - Rigi Staffel (1603 m) - Rigi Klösterli (1302 m)

Tour information

  • Stop at an Inn


Sturdy winter equipment: weather-adjusted winter outdoor clothing, hiking boots with a good profile, gloves and helmet.


Vitznau: A4 exit Küssnacht am Rigi, follow the signs to Vitznau

Goldau: A4 exit Goldau, follow the signs to the open air parking lot A4 of RIGI BAHNEN AG

There are plenty parking spaces avaliable at the valley stations. Fees apply. However, we recommend public transport instead of cars: lean back, be stress-free and do something good for the environment first.

Good accessible by train and busRigi Kulm, the starting point of the toboggan run, can be easily reached via Vitznau or Goldau with the cogwheel railway.

Here to timetable

Additional information

For the sake of the wild animals:In winter, wild animals need quiet retreats to survive. Please stay on the toboggan run so that the those animals are not disturbed.


Gäste-Service Rigi


Gäste-Service Rigi


I highly recommend a short warm-up break at the Restaurant Bahnhöfli on Rigi Staffel.

Safety guidelines

  • Please do not leave the marked sledge runs.

  • Wearing a helmet is highly recommended.

  • Children should be accompanied by an adult.


Getting there
Toboggan Run Rigi Kulm-Staffel-Klösterli
6410 Macarthur