We would be delighted if you were to make the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region the subject of your next feature and would be happy to help you with your research and planning. You will find comprehensive information about our region here. Please contact us if you have any other questions or require media information.

Our communications department is at your disposal

Sibylle Gerardi - Head of Corporate Communications


Tel. +41 (0)41 227 17 33

Martina Achermann - Project Manager Communication & PR


Tel. +41 (0)41 227 17 39

Cyrill Zemp - Project Manager Communication & PR


Tel. +41 (0)41 227 17 35

Res Marty - Assistant Communication & PR


Tel. +41 (0)41 227 17 41

Media Trips

Are you planning to produce an article or a feature about the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region? We can assist you with your researches as well as story and fact finding. We work with our destination partners to organise tailor-made media visits. Please take a note of the guidelines below and contact us using the following form.

  • Please contact us at least four weeks before your arrival, so that we can provide you with all the assistance you need
  • If relevant, please let us have a media profile or a letter from your editorial department
  • If you are bringing a companion with you in a private capacity, the extra costs incurred will be charged to you

How we can assist you:

  • Travel in the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region
  • Accommodation
  • A travel itinerary tailored to your requirements (excursions, visits, interviews, content, stories etc.)

Inspiration for your fact finding

Find the inspiration you need for your next article. The Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region offers engaging stories, interesting personalities and a wide range of city- and rural-based activities.


Lucerne Tourism provides media representatives with free footage for media-related work. Our gallery contains a selection of high-quality visual content featuring the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region. Please contact us at medialuzern.com for any other footage you are looking for.

The Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region provides wonderful locations for TV and film productions. Lucerne Tourism and Film Commission provide their expert, straightforward assistance in the realisation of projects, including supervising productions in the region, scouting production locations, coordinating shooting permits and other forms of facilitation. Further information 



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