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The City.

Lucerne ranks amongst the world's prettiest cities and is rich in sights and attractions. Contributing to Lucerne's cityscape alongside the world-famous Chapel Bridge and Water Tower are the Musegg Wall, the Jesuit Church, the Spreuer Bridge, the Lion Monument, the KKL culture and convention centre and a host of other sites of interest. Lucerne is best discovered on foot – so why not take one of our many guided tours?

Guided City Walk Lucerne

Join us as we visit world-famous sights such as the Chapel Bridge with the octagonal Water Tower, the Jesuit Church and the Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne (KKL Luzern).

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QueenKong - Urban Art meets nature

Lucerne is a city of nature. The mountains as well as the lake are omnipresent and inspire the urban art couple Queenkong in their work. They enhance the quarters with street art.

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Chapel Bridge

Not for nothing is the world-famous timber bridge Lucerne’s most photographed destination, it being held in high esteem by visitors and residents in equal measure. Together with the Water Tower, the bridge forms a landmark in the townscape like no other attraction.

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The Culture and convention centre Lucerne

The very fact that a comparatively small city like Lucerne harbours an architectural masterpiece with international appeal is extraordinary: one would sooner expect to find an imposing edifice of this nature in metropolises such as London, New York or Paris.

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Swiss Museum of Transport

The Swiss Museum of Transport takes a fascinating, interactive look at the development of transport and mobility on road, rail and water, not forgetting air and space travel. On display are more than 3,000 objects, simulators, multimedia shows and interactive exhibits occupying an area some 20,000 m2 in size.

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The Hirschmatt’s blend of little shops and boutiques, galleries, restaurants, cinemas, bars, clubs, hotels and apartments makes it a lively and colourful quarter.

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Bruch quarter - Lucernes trendiest neighbourhood

The Bruch quarter ranks amongst the more vibrant parts of the city. This lively residential quarter is where you’ll find a wealth of culture, local handcrafts, bars and restaurants.

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Lucerne lakeside promenade

The walk from the station alongside the lake to the Hotel Seeburg takes 50 minutes. This urban walk leads past the landing stages and over the Seebrücke bridge to arrive at Lucerne’s lakeside promenade.

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Gütsch – above the rooftops of Lucerne

Enjoy the great view from the hotel terrace or stroll through Gütsch Wood, one of Lucerne’s green lungs.

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The Sonnenberg – Lucerne’s mini local mountain

Discover Lucerne’s popular leisure and recreational area between Kriens and Lucerne.

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