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Discover the Lake Lucerne Region on an MTB tour or by cycling. Whether you enjoy riding leisurely along the numerous lakes or mastering demanding MTB trails and challenging pass roads, the possibilities are endless.

Biketour Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee

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The amazing scenery will tempt you into the mountains, where the air's fresh and your spirit can soar. Feel the airstream and enjoy the rapid descents. The various levels of difficulty provide a range of challenges for leisurely cruisers, adrenalin junkies and technical experts alike.

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MTB “Bikegenossen” for the region

Bikegenoss.ch, THE new portal for mountain bikers, shows why Central Switzerland is considered an MTB paradise. From easy tours on gravel roads to flow trails with rail transport and mountain pass crossings with challenging descents, there’s something for riders of every level.

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