Andermatt - Arni - Erstfeld




23.57 km long
round trip
difficulty: difficult
condition: medium
Great panorama
  • 04:30 h
  • 974 m
  • 974 m
  • 522 m
  • 1,411 m
  • 889 m
  • 23.57 km
  • start: Andermatt, tourist office
  • destination: Amsteg, Post

Das Naherholungsgebiet Arni bietet MountainbikerInnen eine eindrucksvolle Tour mit artenreichen Trockenwiesen und seltenen Orchideen unterhalb des Geissbergs.

This tour starts at the tourist office in Andermatt. It then follows the hiking trail through the Schöllenen Gorge, so do watch out for the many hikers you may encounter. The rock walls tower up around you and hence the gorge posed a huge obstacle for travelers in earlier times. At the end of the trail you cross the Häderli Bridge to Göschenen and follow the main road to Wassen. Shortly before the Pfaffensprung the route crosses the young Reuss and follows this along dirt tracks to Wiler near Gurtnellen.
Now you start your ascent to Lake Arni. The route takes you along a gently rising mountain road to Gurtnellen, where you can take a break at one of the two restaurants. The route now gets steeper and leads through a fascinating landscape with species-rich dry meadows and rare types of orchids until you get to Heissigegg. Here you enjoy the reward of a stunning view of the upper Reuss Valley. Now follow the beautiful forest road to Lake Arni, which, with its picnic areas, barbecue sites and restaurants, is an ideal place for a lunch break. If you wish to go right around the lake you will need to get off your bike and do some walking.
You will appreciate your brakes and suspension as you now go down the kind of steep and rough Alpine track that makes every biker's pulse race with excitement! Somewhat shaken out, you will reach the hamlet of Intschi and wheel down along the main road back to Amsteg. As you leave the village, you also leave the main road and cross the Reuss once more. Continue along small roads until you reach Erstfeld.

Return from Erstfeld to Andermatt by train.
Food and drink:
Various restaurants in Göschenen, Wassen, Wiler, Lake Arni, Intschi, Amsteg and Erstfeld

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Best season

depending on the weather


Andermatt - Göschenen - Wassen - Wiler - Gurtnellenen - Arnisee - Intschi - Amsteg - Erstfeld

Tour information

  • Barrier-Free

  • Loop Road

  • Stop at an Inn


  • Dem Wetter entsprechende Kleidung 

  • Helm 

  • Verpflegung 


Der Startpunkt ist durch die Kantonsstrasse des Kantons Uri mit der Autobahn A2 verbunden und daher sehr gut erschlossen. Die nähestengeliegenen Autobahnausfahrten sind Wassen und Amsteg. 

Direkt an der Kantonsstrasse befinden sich diverse Parkiermöglichkeiten. 

Mit dem Bus erreicht man direkt von Göschenen oder Altdorf den Startpunkt. Der Fahrplan ist folgender: Fahrplan Auto AG Uri

Additional information

Bei weiteren Fragen melden Sie sich gerne bei


Andermatt-Urserntal Tourismus GmbH


Ferienregion Andermatt


  • Eine Rast beim Arnisee einplanen

  • Restaurants Arnisee und Alpenblick

  • Sennhütte

  • Rundgang Arnisee

Safety guidelines

Beachten Sie die Wetterprognosen. In den Alpen kann es zu schnellem Wetterumschwung kommen. 


Getting there
Andermatt - Arni - Erstfeld
6474 Amsteg