Brünig pass - Ober Brünig - Lungern




7.72 km long
difficulty: medium
condition: easy
Great panorama
  • 03:09 h
  • 207 m
  • 460 m
  • 752 m
  • 1,212 m
  • 460 m
  • 7.72 km
  • start: Brünig
  • destination: Lungern
A historically interesting snowshoe tour in the border region of Obwalden and Bern that is also scenically idyllic and remote. Following permitted paths in the wildlife protection zone, with a bit of luck you will cross the tracks left by foxes, hares and deer.

The Brünig pass was already an important north-south axis in the Alps at the time of the Romans. The tour first leads south of the pass past the Wacht up to the Brüniger Älpeli and through the once disputed border area and ever-changing terrain alternating with forest sections. The trail continues through the Schäriwald forest around Gspan.

Crossing the cantonal border, you reach Ober Brünig in Canton Obwalden and, from one snowy valley to the next, the Rüti. At the Jägerhüttli hunter's hut, a border stone (probably moved) from 1785, colourfully decorated with both cantonal coats of arms, is a reminder of the old times.

Green wildlife protection signs warn you not to leave the path, which now crosses the Letzi and leads down to the cantonal road. From there it goes over the Balmiflue to the rest area at the castle chapel. On the way, gaps in the trees offer magnificent views of the Sarneraa valley as far as the Pilatus and Lake Lungern, nestled between the mountains, as well as the village of Lungern. A small road leads from there down to Lungern station, halfway down is the "Wätterloch" (weather hole): if cold air flows out of it, it indicates good weather; warm air suggests rain is on the way!


Best season

depending on the weather


Von Luzern fährt jede Stunde der Luzern-Interlaken-Express der Zentralbahn nach Brünig-Hasliberg. Wer mit dem Auto anfährt kann beim Bahnhof Lungern parkieren und von hier die Zentralbahn zum Ausgangspunkt der Wanderung auf dem Brünigpass benützen.

Additional information


Obwalden Tourismus


Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee

Safety guidelines

The snowshoe tour and its description were developed in collaboration with local mountain and tour guides. It is only a suggested tour and is not signposted or protected from alpine hazards. It does not pass through wildlife protection zones and avoids obvious danger spots provided the snow and avalanche conditions are normal.

Good preparation for the tour with the appropriate equipment is essential. Information about the latest avalanche situation can be found in the links below.

You undertake the tour at your own risk. Obwalden Tourism declines all liability in the event of personal injury or damage to property on the suggested snowshoe tour.


Getting there
Brünig pass - Ober Brünig - Lungern
3860 Meiringen