Circling the summit – Stanserhorn




1.16 km long
round trip
difficulty: easy
Great panorama
  • 00:30 h
  • 66 m
  • 66 m
  • 1,831 m
  • 1,895 m
  • 64 m
  • 1.16 km
  • start: Stanserhorn
  • destination: Stanserhorn
Stanserhorn – summit tour and place of power

The walk around the summit takes just thirty minutes, but that's not counting pausing to admire the views towards Brünig at the "Adlerhorst" (eagle's eyrie), identifying the Mönch left of the Eiger, observing the marmots, and sensing the 22,000 Bovis units of "subtle energy". A visit to the Rondorama revolving restaurant or terrace forms part of any outing to the Stanserhorn. The most popular dish here by far is Älplermagronen, made with ingredients sourced from the region and the Alps. The restaurant on the Stanserhorn serves 18,000 portions every season!


Best season

depending on the weather


After the trip up the mountain on the open-air upper deck of the CabriO cable car, the walk around the summit begins by the terrace. It starts off flat as far as the first vantage point looking towards Obwalden, Brünig and the Bernese Alps. The view stretches as far as the Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau – unusually, in that order (it's usually Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau). You then negotiate steps to the second vantage point: this time you're looking towards Lucerne. There's another ascent to the actual summit at alt. 1897 m. The descent takes you past marmot burrows and the paraglider/hang glider launch pad.

Tour information

  • Familiy-Friendly

  • Loop Road

  • Summit


Gutes Schuhwerk sowie dem Wetterentsprechende Kleidung ist empfohlen


Auf der Autobahn A2 bis zur Ausfahrt Stans-Nord. Anschiessend der Beschilderung zum Parkplatz Gemeindeparkplatz Turmatt oder zum Bahnhofparking folgen.

Die Talstation der Stanserhorn-Bahn befindet sich im Zentrum an der Stansstaderstrasse 19. Von Luzern aus sind Sie in ca. 15 Minuten in Stans.

Das Parkplatzangebot ist beschränkt, alle Parkplätze sind kostenpflichtig. 

Zentralbahn railway between Lucerne and Stans

Additional information

More information:

Nidwalden Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 2
6370 Stans
+41 41 610 88 33
[email protected]

Visit for more gastronomy from Nidwalden.

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Nidwalden Tourismus


Nidwalden Tourismus


Try the delicious Älplermagronen in the Rondorama restaurant.  The sun can be enjoyed on the terrace by the upper cableway terminus or on the large meadow at the summit.


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Circling the summit – Stanserhorn
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