Marbachegg - Kemmeriboden




8.14 km long
difficulty: medium
condition: easy
  • 02:35 h
  • 227 m
  • 719 m
  • 976 m
  • 1,475 m
  • 499 m
  • 8.14 km
  • start: Marbach, Marbachegg cableway
  • destination: Kemmeriboden, Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad
A panoramic walk featuring both views and a sweet reward!

For the first ascent, take the Bretzeli cableway from Marbach to Marbachegg. Start by enjoying the incredible views of the myth-laden Schrattenfluh, the Hohgant and the white-powdered Bernese Alps in between. After a refreshments at the Marbachegg guest house, pass the Spichersee lake and head for Ober Lochsitli (towards Wittenfären - Chadhus). At the left turn to Alp Imbrig, stay on the Ober Habchegg alp, where the Josef Lötscher family has an alp restaurant. From there you head towards Lauizug and on to Schibenhüttli. A steep, stony path leads on via Ober Chemmeri and Unter Chemmeri to the valley floor of the Grosse Emme river. The Kemmeriboden-Bad guest house here serves glorious meringues from a charcoal oven. You return to the starting point by PostBus.


You can also start the hike in Marbach and climb the Marbachegg.


Best season

depending on the weather


Marbach - Marbachegg - Chadhus - Imbrig - Ober Habchegg - Schibenhüttli - Kemmeriboden

Tour information

  • Familiy-Friendly

  • Stop at an Inn


Sturdy footwear recommended.


Die UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch liegt im Herzen der Schweiz, zentral zwischen Bern und Luzern. Sie erreichen Marbach über die Hauptstrasse 10 Richtung Wiggen. Von Thun erreichen Sie Marbach über den Schallenberg.

Planen Sie Ihre Route mit Hilfe des Google Routenplaners.

A free car park is available at the lower terminus of the Marbachegg aerial cableway.
Escholzmatt to Marbach-Schangnau PostBus: alight at Sportbahnen Marbachegg.

Additional information

Escholzmatt-Marbach Tourism
Marbach tourist office
Dorfstrasse 61
CH-6196 Marbach
Tel. +41 34 493 38 04



Die Sommer-Panoramakarte "Wandern" mit vielen interessanten Wandervorschläge rund um Marbach erhalten Sie unter: Escholzmatt-Marbach Tourismus


UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch


UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch


  • Watch paragliders and hang gliders: the Marbachegg is a real magnet!

  • Cart rides on the Marbachegg

  • Buy alp cheese on Alp Imbrig

  • Famous meringues at the Kemmeriboden-Bad

Safety guidelines

The descent after the Schibenhüttli is steeper and stony.