Weggis - Haldihof - Greppen




7.13 km long
difficulty: easy
condition: very easy
  • 01:59 h
  • 159 m
  • 148 m
  • 434 m
  • 517 m
  • 83 m
  • 7.13 km
  • start: Boat station Weggis
  • destination: Centre of Greppen
Wonderful hike from Weggis to the well-known Haldihof organic farm and on to Greppen. In Greppen you have the possibility to return by bus or on foot via the Rigi Chestnut Trail.

An easy hike from Weggis through the beautiful Herrenwald woods and onto the organic farm Haldihof, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and wonderful views before continuing onto Greppen.


Best season

depending on the weather


From the boat station Weggis walk along the lake in direction of Hertenstein. In the Unterdorf turn right after the Restaurant HYG, and then left at the next intersection, following Friedheimweg until, shortly after passing the Hotel Friedheim, you reach the Hügerihof farm. There turn left, pass the wonderful country estate Brünnihof, and follow the small path downwards through a meadow and a small forest, to the Eggisbühl farm. Turn right around the barn and follow the street to the edge of the Herrenwald woods. Just before the barbecue area turn left into the forest and follow the path. When you reach the barbecue area Röhrli go straight on and shortly afterwards you will see the ascent to the Haldihof farm. There you can have a short rest and enjoy the beautiful views. Continue along the path until you reach the main road, follow it for a short part to the bus stop, where you cross the street and follow the path through the fruit trees in direction of Greppen. After c. 800 metres you reach the first houses of the village. Follow Gütschstrasse, turn left, and after passing the main road, you stand in the middle of the historic village centre. From Greppen you can take a bus back to Weggis of walk back along the Chestnut Trail.


Tourist Information Weggis (Luzern Tourismus AG)


Tourist Information Weggis


Getting there
Weggis - Haldihof - Greppen
6353 Weggis